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MIP’s technical operations team provides the infrastructure that keeps MIP ticking. Furthermore, we manage and support the operational infrastructure for many of our clients.

Our objective
MIP systems are mission-critical to our customers. MIP Technical Operations must ensure that the systems are running effectively – 24 x 7 x 365. Depending on the operational needs of the customer, MIP will provide the appropriate level of support to ensure consistent delivery of service to our customers’ customers.

Moreover, we support the internal operations of MIP, keeping more than 300 people, spanning developers, testers, industrial engineers, actuaries,  and business analysts working and delivering value to our customers every day.

Our operations
In addition to an experienced team that ensures that the systems are configured to perform optimally, we employ operational technology to monitor all systems and to alert us to any exceptions immediately. We assist our customers with capacity planning, backup, disaster recovery,  and business continuity plans. This is critical for any financial service company needing to deliver service to a customer 24 x 7.

We monitor 160 servers across MIP and all our customers. We have over 1,000 databases across our customer base that we monitor and we perform all aspects of DBA responsibility.